To participate at the Lina Cyr Bike Challenge to encourage the mission of the Maison des greffés Lina Cyr!

Every year, the Maison des greffés Lina Cyr organize a Bike Challenge, during wich the participants ride from Montreal to Levis, this year they rode from Beloeil to Levis. This two-day event brings together not only regional ambassadors, but also people who are aware of organ donation. We are pleased to announce that the Bike Challenge was back for its 16th edition!


Pre-departure breafing

Official opening of the 16th edition

Support from the ACDO


Bikers, supervision and security

Thanks to all those who supported our 16th edition of the Bike Challenge , we were able to raise a total of 106,400$, wich allow us to pursue our mission of offering essential support that meets the needs of transplant patients so that they can get through the transplant process with peace of mind.

DISCOVER THE STORY OF THE TWO INSTIGATORS OF THE LINA CYR BIKE CHALLENGE, «Serge Trépanier, liver transplant recipient», AND «Patrice Dionne, liver and heart transplant recipient».

This is the story of a crucial support in the recovery of Patrice Dionne, liver and heart transplant recipient, and Serge Trépanier, liver transplant recipient: the Maison des greffés Lina-Cyr, in Montreal.

Every year since 2007, they have organized the Lina Cyr Bike Challenge.

This year, the Challenge takes the real route: Belœil-Lévis, as usual. It takes place in mid-July. Two days of cycling, 320 km. You have to register now. Patrice Dionne and Serge Trépanier, back from the dead, pedal their lives to give back to the world.

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«The organization is really very, very good, the path is wonderful, the police protection is excellent.
…it’s the junction of my interests, that is to say that, yes, there is the bike, but it allows us to encourage the mission of La Maison des greffés Lina Cyr.»


Message from the Executive Director

Dear participants,

I would like to thank you very sincerely for your participation and your encouragement in our 16th edition of the Défi-vélo. It was a great experience to ride together from Beloeil to Levis. This year, we had 50 participants who rode a total of 320 km and raised $106,400.

Rest assured that the funds raised will be used for services given to our residents in order to continue to provide quality services to them.

I hope you a great end of summer and hope to see you next year for our Bike Challenge on July 7 and 8, 2023!

Thank you once again for participating in our Bike Challenge,


Micheline Cyr Asselin
Executive Director


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